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Channel policy
1. Exclusive agent in the region, the area responsible can be a district, province or city, and the agency can only sell customers in the authorized area.
2. The agency company needs to complete the performance requirements for regional distribution. The amount of performance prepaid before each assessment period will not be refunded if it is not completed.
3. All agents take a uniform discount ratio
4. It is strictly forbidden to cross-regional sales, low-price sales, sale of criminals, false propaganda and other illegal acts.
Recruitment conditions
1. Have the business license of the enterprise (legal person) issued during the validity period issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the bank account opening permit
2. Product recognition for the company's agents
3. Have certain battery knowledge, experience in auto repair or forklift repair industry is preferred
4 Good reputation, familiar with the local application industry, have certain economic ability
The company evaluates the on-site inspection of eligible applicants and informs the applicant of the final result.

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