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Guangzhou Berens Power Co., Ltd. is a professional battery system solution provider for power supply, energy storage, emergency power supply, start-up power supply, etc. It is located in the beautiful Huacheng-Guangzhou. The company was established and marked the tractor. The independent brand of the battery has been officially broken, which has important strategic significance for improving the independent research and development capabilities of electric forklifts, wind energy and electric vehicles at home and abroad. In the process of development, it has continuously exchanged and cooperated with many battery research institutions at home and abroad, design and development, scale. Constantly expanding, the future will have a far-reaching impact on the changes in the market structure of various sectors such as forklifts and automobiles. ???????The company has excellent technical innovation capabilities, equipped with scientific research and comprehensive testing equipment, comprehensive implementation of green operations, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc., dedicated to building a green industry, product range includes: battery forklifts, electric yachts, golf / sightseeing vehicles , electric bus, subway reserve energy, solar/wind energy, DC screen, generator, automobile, UPS, ship and other lead-acid battery applications; now has formed a global sales service integration marketing system, a huge service team, to create a sound Efficient marketing network; use existing resources, increase publicity, capture potential customer information, gradually establish customer database, and thus drive terminal sales; sound and unified after-sales service management system to solve worries for domestic and foreign agents; The service specification has realized the transformation from traditional maintenance service to discovering the potential demand of customers in advance and creating value for customers, and strives to form strategic partnerships with customers to achieve win-win cooperation.The company takes technology and independent brands as its core, participates in international competition, and uses capital to help enterprises become stronger and stronger. ¡°Belence¡± promotes global new energy development with pragmatic, innovative and enterprising spirit. At present, a series of battery products have been formed, which meet the relevant standards of GB (national standard), DIN (German standard), JIS (Japanese standard), BS (British standard) and IE (International Electrotechnical Commission standard), with small size and high capacity. It has the characteristics of long life and low maintenance; it covers 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and is exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Africa. The direct sales outlets are: sail, uniform, west Sichuan, camel, evergreen, Jianhang, cruise, seagull, torch, KOBE Kobe, GSYUASA, Hawk, Panther Quipp, German Sunshine, Yuasa, Panasonic, GNB, etc. Imported/domestic lead-acid batteries. ???????"Pursuing excellence, perfection and perfection" is our quality policy. "Brand promotion, honesty and the world" is our unremitting pursuit of service concept. With our first-class operation system and continuous improvement of service network, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best. High-performance, long-life lead-acid batteries; strive to make a positive contribution to building a harmonious society and achieving a harmonious coexistence of human beings, society and nature.

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